Creative recycling in reclaimed wood, copper and slate

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This page is for examples of work that isnít for sale but similar ideas can be commissioned
Signpost by

Signpost by 


Made from an oak post and reclaimed Welsh slate. The base is a cast iron manhole cover. Approximately 1.7 metres high.

Information sign by

Information sign

Model for a sign to go at the crossroads in Pennant village to advertise events at the community centre. The square boxes are for the messages and the hands point towards the centre. The idea was to have digital signage on the boxes. Height would be about eight feet. This is unlikely to be made as it would be quite expensive to make.

House name sign by

House name sign by 

House name sign

House name sign made from a weathered oak branch with the letters cut from reclaimed copper.

Copper bird feeder by

Copper bird feeder by 

Copper bird feeder

An idea that followed on from the triangular bird tables described on the Bird Tables page. It was intended to be a nut feeder - the roof is removable so you can pour the nuts into the bottom triangle, and there is space to put bird seed above. Unfortunately when I made this I didnít know that copper reacts with the oil in the seeds and nuts and causes them to go rancid very quickly. I also made some aluminium ones but these got damaged by squirrels chewing them so I have abandoned this idea. I have thought of making them into outside wall lights, in fact a lot of people thought they were lights! Back to the drawing board.

Nest box by

Nest box

This was to try different ways of making nest boxes. It is a plywood box clad with shingles cut from reclaimed copper, the roof is a piece of reclaimed slate. Blue Tits have been nesting in it for several years so it has been quite successful. This year I moved it to a new position on the side of my workshop and it has sparrows nesting in it.

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