Creative recycling in reclaimed wood, copper and slate

Miscellaneous 2

This page is for examples of work that isnít for sale but similar ideas can be commissioned.
Washing machine drum table by

Washing machine drum table by 

Washing machine drum table

This table has legs made from old oak fence posts, the top is brown oak. All fittings are stainless steel. LED lights are inside the drum.


Coffee table by

Coffee table by 

Coffee table

Made from a washing machine drum, the removable top is oak, the legs are also oak. Inside are LED lights which can be programmed to change colour and fade.

Log store by

Log store

Made from a washing machine drum with taps as legs and handle on the top.

Coal hod by

Coal hod by 

Coal hod

Having bought a coal hod that leaked I decided to make my own. Initially I made it out of plywood and protected the edges with metal but decided to carry on covering the whole thing with offcuts.

Bookshelf by


This is made out of blackthorn branches and old pitch pine slate battens

Standard lamp by

Standard lamp

A standard lamp made from recycled plumbing fittings. The base is the top of a copper hot water cylinder and the other parts are reclaimed plumbing fittings and tubing with an aluminium colander as the shade. The height can be altered using the gate valve and the shade can be pointed in any direction using the compression fittings.

Shark by


The head is a piece of weathered oak branch mounted on a beach stone. The teeth and eye are made from reclaimed copper. Approximately 50cm long.

Stick chair by

Stick chair

Made from hazel and blackthorn branches.

Triangular slate clock by

Triangular slate clock

A clock made out of three pieces of triangular reclaimed Welsh roof slate. The hands are reclaimed copper. 40cm high. Similar clocks can be made to order.

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