Creative recycling in reclaimed wood, copper and slate


The first ostrich sculpture was made for a Friends of the Earth exhibit about ozone depletion. 'Ozone 1' had its head in a bucket of money and represented the manufacturers of CFCís and other chemicals that damaged the ozone layer. Although this ostrich was made from firewood and only intended to last a few weeks it has survived for about 15 years and has so far been the inspiration for 3 more ostriches. These have been made mainly from reclaimed oak, such as fence posts and beams.

'Ozone 3'. This ostrich is made mostly of reclaimed oak. The feathers are pieces of split oak individually fixed to a hollow body and the legs are oak beams. 'Ozone 3' has been all over the UK in the last few years to various shows such as Malvern, RHS Tatton Park, etc, as part of my stand exhibiting sculpture and garden products.


This is the first ostrich, 'Ozone 1', made from odd bits of softwood, but still hanging in there after about 15 years. He was quite friendly with Sam the dog.


'Ozone 2' with 'Ozone 1' in the background


'Ozone 4'. An ostrich recently commissioned for a birthday present. This one is made from oak and western red cedar, the legs are reclaimed oak fence posts.

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